Squiwell Tattoo

This lady called "Priceness" on tumblr.com got a tattoo on her arm of Squiwell, one of the drawings I did in 2012. Squiwell will be happy there, I'm sure!

Here is a picture provided of the tattoo:


151 Pokémon Mosaic

Blogger constrains the file size I guess. Better resolution here:

I started this project back in February with my first drawing of Bulbasaur. It's been almost eight months since then. I did three drawings per day with top work ethic and one every other day with low work ethic. I made the drawings into colored boxes so that I could eventually make a mosaic with them. This took the longest and was a real strain to complete. I attached a QR code because there is a subtle box theme and I thought it would fit right in.

Here is an album with the drawings separated: