Blotline Digital

The skinny interloper of the wild wild South — Blotline rules a safe perimeter around his land. It's getting more and more interesting to see how these drawings get translated digitally.


Splendost Digital

The foggy jumper. This was a fun painting and I learned a lot.


Saturn Digital

Digital version of Saturn, my character alley cat, stands in awe as his life unfolds before him.

Walden Digital

I kept the drawing underneath the painting, it tightens the painting a little more and retains more of the essence of Walden.


Bibal Digital

Using poor Bibal as an experiment into finding quick ways to paint digitally, discovering true colors of Snacks. Original drawing done 2009.


Albe Digital

Digital painted version of the Snack titled "Able" compared to original. A lot of the original personality was lost, but a background and color was gained.

Senior Show

The Otis senior show has past, but it has been documented to an extent with photography. The show was very enjoyable and i met some great people. Good friends came by and I'm more than grateful to them for showing their support. Here is my main display and some more pictures of the event and my section on the 6th floor:



Being as bulky as a lawn mower and as quick as a toddler,
it doesn't let any one thought stay for too long.



Unsociable and anxious insect, taking unnecessary precautions against unlikely harmful situations.


Figure Drawing

Two recent figure drawings with use of pastel color.