Made in Polaroid: Aftermath

Now that the gallery show Made in Polaroid has passed you can find the work at the site. The link is below the pictures,



Made in Polaroid 50/50/50

I'm happy to be included into this unique art collaboration with Polaroid.
"Snacks" will be showing in New York in a new and exclusive format, available to purchase.
Proceeds go to two charities of my choice. "Snacks" will help the world!

So if you're in New York NY,

For a list of all the artists and more info follow the link:


Pokémon Mixup

A Pokémon themed post again, with recent work of fan art mainly for digital practice.

Here are examples of a fun time mixing a few of my favorite Pokémon:

Version 1

Version 2

Dustox, Crawdawnt 

Scraggy, Dunsparce, Crawdaunt, Dustox



Concept sketch done digitally of a moth themed queen.


Blick + Threadless Pattern Contest

This is my submission for the Blik + Threadless Pattern Contest. Promoting my Snacks like Hollywood children.

·Follow the link to view + vote:



Digital Practice

Crab themed weapons each varying in its completeness. Axe/hammer and sword.


Digital Line

Drawings digitally with reference from photos of original goofy concept art and random figure photos. Figure drawings are 6 minutes each. Goofy drawings from the same three Goofy poses, one made up, each one came out so different.


Nidokingler and Amplaaffy

Digital sketch of a new creature that is a combination of two Pokemon into one:
1. Kingler + Nidoking
2. Ampharos + Flaaffy

Process too: