Decoration as a parasitic infection that lives in symbiosis with a host.


Twomon - Peepalito

Peepalito - Premature Twocmon - Water Base

Peepalito Twocmon are not comfortable in their body and in turn are premature in attitude. This final evolution is the adult form of Peepo, although a Peelapito only wants to return into being a Peepo. The tail acts as guidance throughout the evolutions of a Peepo.


Twocmon - Peeparu

Peeparu - Premature Twocmon - Water Base

Peeparu's have a rapid growth during this stage of evolution. This stage of evolution does not last more than a day before reaching his adult stage. This is the second form of the base Peepo "Twocmon" that will evolve soon!


Twocmon - Peepo

Peepo - Premature Twocmon - Water Base

Peepo's seem to understand how to survive without parents. Peepo's have high adaptability as they grow despite being inexperienced.

This is the first form of a Peepo "Twocmon" that will evolve soon!


The Fun Desk

Preparing 20 drawings based on the characters of Tim Burton's The Melancholy Death of Oysterboy & Other Stories. I'm currently past half way mark.

In sight: "Brie Boy" in the sketchbook, and two little monster drawings. The "Sweet Streets" postcard from the wonderful group gallery show "Sweet Streets" that took place a couple months ago. "Szalon" postcard, Mark Komaneyets paintings from his book The Troll-Control Expert, opened to the public on the 14th this month.

All amazing artwork, everywhere!


album covers

 concept for an album cover for the band Deerhoof

concept for an album cover for the band Aphex Twin