Photo Study

Here I did it before school started! This is my painting of a photo I found of a King Vulture on Wikipedia. I love the King Vulture for its colorful head, I thought it was really interesting. Interesting enough to paint a picture of it anyway. I did this just for practice, but it sure gets boring and I had to finish it sometime! I have my piece, what I used to copy from, and a little bit of the dirty work.


Dog Portrait

I did this upon request for a family friend. Yes, a pirate hat was specified to be on the dog. :)



As a gift for a friend, I painted his vision. A lot going on in this, I'm not even sure what to think of it!


Copy the old masters!

For homework in my figure drawing class this summer, all the homework every week was to copy an old master drawing. Here's some that I enjoyed the most! (This just about wraps up my class)


Six Figures!

Some of the final figures I completed for my figure drawing class summer '09. I'm impressed with some of the models I've drawn, they stand so still and make such cool poses! I've learned so much this one semester of only a few weeks thanks for careful guidance and practice.



A present for my grandpa. It's supposed to be him, though he doesn't really look /exactly/ like that. I guess the eyes are a bit over done! But, I think I'm doing better with colored pencil, with some help!



A spin off of the human-deer creature.
Another present.



It's alive! This is a present for an old friend. Gosh, colored pencils are not as much like graphite as I hoped. I need some advice on how to color better with colored pencils.


Self Study

I drew myself and some parts of my face for homework the other week. The left face is technically more accurate (going up at an angle) than the right one, yet the right one looks more like me. Interesting. I really like drawing the mouth area.


Four Figures

Four more figures! I'm starting to get used to drawing the models :)