The Hedge Overseeing Eternity

So cliche. I ask you to ask yourself "why?". Go ahead. This is it.


There is so many ways to apologize, and none of them can communicate any better than this.

No No No

The mastermind behind "Ha Ha ha" has created a giant mechanical gorilla with such precise schematics and top of the line technology. I don't know if he has much control over the dumbfounded thing.


D-Bip fodaael a ddaw a rreee fa  kee llwaweai awweean D- Bip, afww ssk0oqannn wawwwa


The coolest Oolet that I've met, that's for sure. 


There are good and bad Oolets. Of course this is a broad generalization of an entire species. These three just do bad things, and happen to look different. Hairy situation.


The one that looks over everything under the sun, giving itself to what it watches. It's read how it was meant to be and often interpreted wrongly. Forgiving attitude when nothing is wrong.


Midnight Snacks

This is the the current collection of Midnight Snacks. I am experimenting with watermarks to get my name out there through this picture too. I think this makes a pretty cool picture as well as documentation of my work.


Roots are something you refer to when studying the beginnings of life.


The Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos), probably the best-known and most recognizable of all ducks, is a dabbling duck which breeds throughout the temperate and sub-tropical areas of North America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand (where it is currently the most common duck species), and Australia. It is strongly migratory in the northern parts of its breeding range, and winters farther south. For example, in North America it winters south to Mexico, but also regularly strays into Central America and the Caribbean between September and May.


Meister is a master of meisting, simply put. Mesiter meists a miesting meistly meist. I think he's good with a yo-yo.


Deep in the densest forests there is an animal that is said to consume things twice its size. Some local tribes to the forests say it's the Devil, or a demon.  Personally I say it's unneeded for something that crazy to exist.

Over Thought

Thinking too much could be exhausting to only those who aren't used to thinking a lot. To those who are heavy thinkers have evolved their own methods of dealing with the stress.

Apple Blossom

There (on many accounts) was an eye-catching woman that appeared to be the object of her own fascination. Paying no mind to what should be her object of fascination, as expected. To the woman everything else in life was just a toy with the sole meaning of providing entertainment.


Another victim of being preserved like hamburger meat in a refrigerator. But this is with nature, and doesn't really preserve well.


Spelled differently to emphasize how cliche of a creature it is. Dargon Dargon Dargon.