Three nosed owls, a portrait of a man, Eepin and the pokémon Ampharos


Creatures 1

Doing a creature every night, trying to keep it up!
We have here Saturn, Froak, and Bibal.


Enhancing My Ability

I have here two character drawings and a monochrome portrait that I will finish in color soon!


Expanding My Ability

Still working on painting the human body, and have a couple other projects going on too.


Otis Beginnings - Oil Painting

All I knew was tempera paint.

Otis Beginnings - Pencil/Pen Works

Most deal with perspective.

The Others

Miscellaneous artwork and design.


A few photoshop paintings of pokemon.

Pencil Past

These are some of my favorites from the past, done in pencil. Through high school.

El Camino Study

These are projects mostly from El Camino College in 2008. 

Past photoshop

Just go into blogger, here's some old photoshopo projects I've done in the past.