Figure Drawing through October? (2009)

These are some of my favorite figure drawings from the past few months.


Misunderstood Fatcher, sometimes called a god of nature.


Sassy Pickle Bandit

A sassy bandit that steals pickles.


100th Post!

To celebrate my one hundredth post on my blog Midnight Snacks, I'd like to talk about a few things.

I got my first feature in a blog, you should check their blog out too! They have some neat artwork, and good tastes in art ;)!

Midnight Snacks is a blog mostly composed of nightly drawings of made up creatures that started as school assignment, and quickly turned into a book. There are also pieces with one word themes which I am doing every week. Other than these two topics, I have little presents scattered throughout the blog that I made for friends and family. I certainly would have reached this post quicker if I kept doing my /real/ Midnight Snack drawings (the creatures). This isn't about speed though, since I keep two other blogs. Check out Study Deep, my blog that hosts my bigger and school related projects. I also have Sprouting, which follows my garden if you're interested.

I always will draw, and creatures will automatically be born this way. I'll update Midnight Snacks with my personal favorite drawings that are usually done in the late night.


A very small drawing of a very small person.

Project T.A.Y.L.O.R.

There's not much of a story with this one. There is supplemental reading above.




Where is the line drawn?