This was inspired by my cat and an earthquake. This is the back of a sitting cat, as he is licking his arm from a bird it killed). The shoulder blades are mountains, and there is a sun.


It's a mossy rock with a structure atop of it.



A bee i drew with as much photo realism as possible. It's from the picture I took, and I learned so much from doing this one.


There isn't much that can be done but to be happy when forced to watch something.



Made of steel that was stolen.


What's he so happy about?



He's a real monster!
Sloth's grow moss on their back in wet seasons which camouflages them into their surrounding. They gray dry hair also acts as a camouflage in dry seasons.


They move like no other, only one will try to stop them.


Final Painting

This was my final project for my oil painting class. Based of the story "The Emperor's New Clothes". This is an illustration is demonstrating two theifs that are persuading the kings councilmen that they are in fact creating a beautiful robe for the king. In reality, the robe is invisible, and the theifs are hoarding all the gold and silk they are given to make the robe.

Bear Limerick

A bear taking a dump asked a rabbit
"Does shit stick to your fur as a habit?"
"Of course not," said the hare,
"It's really quite rare!"
So the bear wiped his ass with the rabbit.

Finished Sophomore

I finished one year at my college, and am going to now be a Junior. There was a rapid growth this year, I learned and improved so dramatically and quickly (just how I like it). Mostly, I practiced in oil, and finalizing my artwork. Getting down technical aspects is a process I have a feeling I'll be doing the rest of my life, and now I want to focus more on ideas. I'm mostly disappointed with my paintings because I KNOW that I have the ability to do them all at least two times better.

Other than paintings, I am continuing my series of drawings titled "Midnight Snacks". I didn't do any for maybe two weeks, and got back into it for the month of May only. Like my paintings, I feel after every single drawing I learned something by the time it's done. Check out the Midnight Snacks if you haven't, I'm very proud of them.

Keeping a garden has also inspired my artistic likelihood, because gardening can be an art in itself, and helps me cope with various things in life. I recommend a garden to grow and reflect in for anyone.


On the moon there are toads that escaped one night from a circus during the act "Launch a Toad".


Humans contain our environment in strict little containers. However the purest forms of what is natural may form to what we created.


These are two of my favorite Pokémon. I did this as a tribute to them, and to feel complete inside. Toxicroak and Politoed are both frog Pokémon!


He's got it. That's for sure. The Cool Blue Jay.



He will play a song for you with his lovely guitar. His ears will listen to you with every sound you make. He will only speak in order to respond.


The winged god Apollo was completely different from this god named Apollo. Apollo is not a god, but surely would like to be one.



Leonly is one of my favorite creatures, because he looks like a giant lion. Like most creatures that inhabit my brain, Leonly is taken over my moss and seems frozen in time. Serene and peaceful, Leonly's past is masked quite literally.


Fidget is modeled after my own hand. He is all seeing, but does not speak or listen. Two bones that hold an arm together seemingly rip from the skin to form his own arms.



Fear is mostly what we don't understand, and other times what we can't see. On rare occasions, fear is realized through how scary something looks.


A bouquet of flowers are very pretty, but there are other intentions the user has that hold the flowers together.


Now that I feel I can classify "Midnight Snacks" in their own category, I'm doing new drawings everyday that are done DURING the day, so they can not be under the name "Midnight Snacks".

These drawings aim to show a more understanding approach to everything I've learned from "Midnight Snacks", and to have more refined technical skill and conceptualizing.

I call them "New Snacks"