No one has seen a happier face on a flower before Sunrise himself. His cheeks just got too overworked, they are basically sacks of hot air! 


Another exotic figurine modeled after a god. There isn't any picture of what he really looked like, so his appearance was just collectively assumed. 


This yak type of creature has true life ingrained within his body, negatively effecting his movement and judgement. Bullock still can feel though.


Copyright goes to Nintendo and Animal Crossing. Sahara is tall and has quite long eye lashes, I felt that I wanted to do some fan art of her. Sahara "travels to distant lands" trading exotic carpets for old ones.


Lyle is a mystery. Composed of bark, tongue and iron. Lyle has hidden his whole life from friend and foe, eventually evolving into a generally ambiguous figure.


A type of ghost. 



Flutter is just a title for a spirit that never had a name. Characterized and named by only appearance, Flutter flutters in a strong sense of the word. Flutter only appears to those who are crazy.


Organized clutter from the scraps of others. Treasure is found in the oddest of places, but this treasure isn't "pretty" by anyones standards. Most would assume it's all nature, and that could be true. Nature claims its victims.


If it isn't obvious than don't worry about it. Fawn is an ordinary man that takes joy in life for what no one else sees. Often questioned and never phased even the slightest, Fawn couldn't ask for anything more than he what he already has. Because he's enlightened.


Many things cannot be explained. Modeled after someone I barely know, Jonster is a monster in the body of a man. Always wishing to be a monster, Jonster (the man) suddenly become one on an early morning. Taking his practice of the trade, he works half diligently every night. 

Yum Yum

Seemingly impossible it is to create something, but that's why it's only "seemingly". Yum Yum is a makeshift bird-bulb (plant bird). Able to fly with leaf-like wings, it's often rare as he's half inside dirt most of his life due to his mass energy consumption just from living. Various plant life melded with Yum Yum, and just barely can survive.

Stool Rabbit

When having a bad day, a lot of negative things come to mind which I aimed to express through Stool Rabbit. Nothings simple with Midnight Snacks, and nothing seems clear. This is how it was though, and as much as I try, emotions are going to reflect on my work. This was a good discovery.


Slow slow slow

I made another blog dedicated to my characters, so not much has been seen here. Though I am doing more paintings and a lot of design work!


I Name It

He names it, to be more specific. A tale of finders keepers, the chore of naming it comes into play shorting after it's yours for the picking.


Excellent, he managed to capture a fish that will fall to his desires. He takes his prey inside first of course, after cleaning it.


An octopus that erupts ink? Cliche if you ask me! I hope none of it gets in his eye. The Poctopus comes from the [slightly lighter] depths.


Yee haw! It's not a fake creature after all! It is just a little different than what we expected. This is definitely a treasure of a find, sir.

Father Corn

Inspired by my uncle, this piece is documenting this Indian corn and all of it's naturalistic (but surrealistic) qualities. It is a father, he is a father.


This is supposed to be ambiguous, as it's a little garden of a face. Not very much to explain for it's not meant to be explained.


He's a sensitive cowboy, he can't really angle much of anything unless it lets him. It's pretty much just for the looks, and he's happy with that.


Face Value

This is a comment on how a person may judge the other based on face value. This floating island of a head was a particular challenge because I push myself. It's meant to be delicate.


Commonly known as a the miniature tree, someone placed a mask on the trees exterior. Now the tree refers to herself as Cyanthony. Or others refer to it as that. It's not exactly known of her story.


Mosey (Moez-E) is a juxtapose of asian themed ideas, excluding the zebra legs. Mosey won a state championship for running, and he displays his medal on his sumo style belt.


A seabird really. Inspired by a friend to draw a fish and a bird. What better than to be a mer-bird? Or that's what he wishes you'd think anyway. An Albatross.


He's surely a mess. Another call toward the all knowing forheaded eye. I wanted this to be kind of an optical illusion, oh well.

Mouse with Hand

Quite simply, this is a mouse with a hand. Imagine how cool it would be! Quite the nuisance.


Don't sit on the green or it will consume you. This is a comment on religion and greed. Tell me what you believe it means.


Walden is a demon... He bleeds and moans. Don't stick your finger at him, please... He doesn't like to be talked of.


The crowd pleaser, Saturn makes his way into peoples hearts (somehow) with his oversized head and blue jeans. Somehow Saturn gets hurt, and no one is found to blame (Most believe he does it to himself...). However brutal his wounds may seem, he only sheds one tear as to say that he only wanted the attention.


This tree is more of a background in some ways, as he's parts of nature. Froak watches over my little character in the swing (second appearance) as do the bird. Though Froak is like a carnivorous plant; he doesn't realize that they are harmless birds. Froak also has a natural cycle of life built into him, but that's a whole other topic to attempt at explaining (You can note his water fountain as being a supply).


Eeepin is the odd-ball character (if there isn't one already). He's just pretty old, and pretty crazy, but not pretty. Unclean bastard.

Ahh Espe

Espe (top)  is what I thought a face pressed against glass would look like if I were to draw it. He looks odd, and a bit ambiguous in his emotions. 

The second is simply a face that was designed with the shape of the paper in mind. It's meant to document this style of eyes, and my love for drawing teeth and noses.


Bibal is (was) the elder of a tribe that was very seclusive and small, but recently was obliterated by a rival tribe. Bibal was kept away from the harm as the village was pillaged, as he didn't fight for his peoples' survival nor his own. Only him with his headdress, left alone to himself. It's what he wanted.


Tree Face

This tree resembles a face. Working with the curves of the roots reflected what I thought to be nostrils perfectly, and I ran with it. It just came to a decorating factor, the face is quite serious.


"HAHAHA" is this piece that features one of my miniature characters driving a grotesque mechanism. He however mimics his machine in having a core eye on the forehead to symbolize 'all-knowing'. The text thing isn't going to last much longer...


Still was experimenting with the type and other elements to aid the picture, I don't think they are working out too well. This piece reflects my innate ability to draw naturalistic and decrepit things. Tree bark covered, moss growing, little fiend.


This is a comment on the anime art style mixed with a more surreal and messy style. Anime is a very desirable and pleasing style to look at, and the other is not. This is sort of an erotica themed piece with a horror twist.