Landscape Painting

Practice painting a landscape with reference.


Study of a painting by N.C. Wyeth

I studied a painting by N.C. Wyeth. Below is the process


Loomis and Vilppu Study

Went through Loomis's book on drawing heads and hands, and Vilppu's book on drawing figures.


Goblin Vs. Gnomes Challenge

Worked on this fun challenge for Blizzard and DA:



Book Release and Signing

I got to work with author Debra Mares and illustrate and design a children's book dealing with awareness to domestic violence. This Wednesday Oct. 29th from 3-5pm there will be a book release and signing for "It's this Monkey's Business".
So if you are in the area over Riverside and have an interest in this event RSVP at:
kathy@womanwonderwriters.com or call 951.532.3280

When: Oct. 29th, 3-5pm
Where: Family Justice Ctr
3900 Orange St.
Riverside, CA
(enter Victim Wall Courtyard off 9th St.)


Loomis Study Part 1

Practicing with a Loomis book about drawing heads. This is Part 1 - Men's Heads
There's other portrait photo references and miscellaneous study in there too.



Took a long time and a lot of revisions but I learned a lot.
A lot of the time I will miss details, but I went back to fix and add things.